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This is avant-garde jazz with strong influences of classical and rock. A recording of raw, sophisticated, energized, enticing, and improvisatory sound. Recorded in 1995, this eclectic trio features, Dan Gildea on guitar, and John W. Bollinger on drums.

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Ricky Sweum (tenor saxophone) 
Dan Gildea (guitar) 
John W. Bollinger (drums) 

Recorded June 15, 1995 at K Studio, Brooklyn, NY, by Carlos "Kain" Pereira. Mixed and mastered at K Studio by Ricky, Dan, John, and Carlos. Special thanks to Rinchenna Khardo, Eric Eagle, and the intense energy of New York City. 

All compositions by Ricky Sweum except, "On High St.," by Dan Gildea, and, "An Itch," and "Loot Ti Do," by John W. Bollinger. "Bit O Jam" was composed by John W. Bollinger and Ricky Sweum.

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