Nascent Adventures 1996

This creative jazz trio played together extensively throughout the New York City and New Jersey area while they were music students at the prestigious William Paterson University in 1995-96.

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Ricky Sweum (tenor saxophone) 
Chris van Voorst van Beest (bass) 
Eric Eagle (drums) 

Recorded May 5th, 1996 at K Studio, Brooklyn, New York. 
Recording Engineer: Carlos Pereira. 
Mastered at Jet City Recording, Seattle, Washington. 
Mastering Engineer: Don Carlson. 
Produced by Ricky Sweum, Chris van Voorst van Beest, Eric Eagle. 
Cover Design: Ricky Sweum. 

All compositions by Ricky Sweum, except, "Split Decision" by Eric Eagle, and "Just Ideas" by Chris van Voorst van Beest.

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