“Little Birds” mixes vocals and saxophone into a heartwarming song about the joy of watching birds hopping in the snow. Bridging EDM and Electro Jazz genres into a single mood enhancing song, you’ll be singing along to the chorus in no time!

Genres: Indie Electronic, Acid Jazz, EDM, Nu Jazz, Dubstep

Moods: happy, chill 

Released August 6, 2021.


Ricky Sweum (saxophone, keyboard, finger drumming, sampling, synthesis, mixing, mastering)


  1. 2021
  2. Little Birds
  3. Underwater Dream


Compositions by Ricky Sweum. Molecular Expansion Music (BMI). Artwork by Amy Fortunato. Produced, performed, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Ricky Sweum. Recorded in 2021 at Larson Lane Studios (Colorado Springs, Colorado).