Earth Song, FV Review (Review)

Ricky Sweum is a sensational Jazz artist based in the California Bay Area. He is predominantly a saxophonist and band leader for the US Air Force Band and we have been lucky enough to review his latest release, ‘Earth Song’. 

Listenin' With Lenny (Interview)

By Lenny Mazel for the Pikes Peak Jazz Notes Newsletter, January 2011. 

With no prior knowledge of what is being heard, a local jazz artist comments on musical selections chosen by 25-year veteran of jazz radio Lenny Mazel. This month’s guest…

Vipassana and Jazz (Blog)

The completion of the 10 day Vispassana Meditation course in 2013, as taught by S. N. Goenka, has had a profound effect on my mind. It is a simple technique that contains the potential to free the practitioner from suffering both…

String Theory (Interview)

By Cicily Janus for (November 11, 2009)

The fog has lifted off of the coast of Seattle with the rise of Origin Records. As the fisherman of jazz today, they’ve cast their nets and pulled in a catch…

Ricky Sweum Nails It! (Review)

By Brent Black for CriticalJazz (June 8, 2013)

5 Stars

Ricky Sweum is one of thousands of musicians working the scene today that is working more than one job. Sweum's work as a recording artist may in fact…

Music Is The Weapon (Interview)

Local jazz luminary Ricky Sweum exits Colorado Springs on a high note 

By Bill Forman for the Independent (June, 2011)

Think of it as a pre-emptive strike. Ricky Sweum, the bright young tenor player who over the last…

Pulling Your Own Strings (Review)

By Brent Black for CriticalJazz (June 9, 2011)

5 Stars

Ricky Sweum is a great deal more than your typical saxophone player! Pulling Your Own Strings is a rock solid release on the Origin label but it really…